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I always knew I was going through a trial, but does that make it any easier?
I don’t think so , when you’re in a test, you’re in a test!

The hard thing to do as a Christian, is to keep you’re eyes heavenward, and that despite your circumstances or feelings!

For me there are two kinds of trial –

1) the short , sharp, shock.
2) the prolonged, it’s never going to change, it’s always going to be this way kind.

The end of both is the same, relief and thanksgiving to the great God we serve!

And that’s where I’m at – in love with a wonderful Christ who brings me through, even when I find it hard to understand during.

Afterwards , truly as James says ” it yields the peaceable fruits of righteousness”

1 Peter 1:7 (NLT) These trials will show that your faith is genuine. It is being tested as fire tests and purifies gold–though your faith is far more precious than mere gold. So when your faith remains strong through many trials, it will bring you much praise and glory and honor on the day when Jesus Christ is revealed to the whole world.

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What is God doing in the world today? and what in particular is He saying to the western world?

As I see it, He is very much acting in response to what we have done in the western world, as our leaders have led us further and further away from the God of the bible and it’s Unchanging and eternal truth.

How have our leaders done this? you might be asking – and what in particular have most of us agreed to?

Well let’s look-

1) we have torn up His law on capital punishment for brutal and premeditated murder and made new ones that in no way equate with real justice.

2) we have done the same with His laws against sexual promiscuity and perversion and made other laws in their place. ( I should say here that some of the law applied only to Israel as a nation, but others clearly to all nations and this is one)

3) we have changed the laws on divorce and re marriage to the point they are almost unrecognisable by bible standards.

4) laws against abortion have been altered so it is now legal, in most western countries to take your child’s life, before it has its God given right to breathe it’s first breath. (I could go on!)

As I see it, we have torn up the very laws that were given to protect us as a society, and that alone has unleashed powers against us, that we can never overcome without God’s help.

Powers – that have been unleashed in the world, like or not, that are heading right for our doorstep!

Do these powers that have been unleashed come directly from God because of our rebellion and idolatry?
or are they instead the result of our destroying those very laws given for our protection?

I would prefer to leave others to answer that one, but for me, one or both are certainly true!

What should I as a Christian do? Of course pray – I do.
What should I be praying for? That our nations and leaders repent – I do.
That God would have mercy – I do:
but — in the realisation that His mercy is contingent ON our repentance!

Finally I rejoice, because in spite of world shaking events that surround us, Christ is building His kingdom!


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Only God can forgive sin and He does so on the condition of repentance!

When repentance is offered to us, WE must also forgive those who have wronged US, just as God does, to those who have wronged Him!
Otherwise, as the scripture says, God, will not forgive us! see Matt. 6 v 15

In the case where no repentance is offered, we are instructed to not harbour bitterness or resentment etc. to those who have wronged us, but instead do good to them. Matt. 5 v44 see also Ephesians 6 31.

How wise and understanding God is, when He says through Paul “if possible, as much as you are able, live peaceably with all men” and – do not avenge yourself but leave it to God to bring judgement. see Romans 12v18-21.

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What is faith? – a step in the dark? a leap into the unknown? a launch into uncharted waters?

The wonderful thing about it however, is that God will not leave us in the dark when we exercise true faith – trust, in Him!

In John 14 v 21 Jesus said –
“Those who accept my commandments and obey them, are the ones who love me. And because they love me, my Father will love them. And I will love them and – REVEAL MYSELF TO EACH OF THEM .”
And again in verse 23 He said –
“All who love me will do what I say. My Father will love them, and WE WILL COME AND MAKE OUR HOME WITH EACH OF THEM !”
N.L.T. (Emphasis mine)

The God I serve is not some unreasonable tyrant who demands blind, unquestioning obedience,
But rather a warm, caring, understanding Father, who knows what His children need and – how to respond and provide for those of His children who put the whole of their trust in Him!

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I’m convinced that everything that happens in this world, even on an intensely personal level, is down to the Creator’s attempts to reach His fallen, still rebellious creation.

Even things such as wars, genocide, all the evils that man perpetrates against man, are allowed by the Almighty in His desire to make that connection.

It must be by humility and the simplicity of a child’s trust that we find Him, as witnessed by the prophets, the New Testament and Jesus Himself.

How many are willing to turn to Him in the midst of personal pain is sadly relatively few.
It seems we’ll try almost anything and everything else – before we turn to Him who is calling
us, ——— ( will you be one of those who hear and say yes Lord ?? )

Do things have to get even more extreme before we’ll answer ?

As a nation, as an individual, do we understand these extreme happenings are because of the extreme love —– of a God who is willing to go to extreme lengths to reach us, almost to the point of making the invisible visible, even though the visible creation already testifies abundantly to His awesome love and power !

Will we hang on to the bitter end through gritted teeth, only to find our struggle has been all so unnecessary ? i.e. – we could have had His help through the whole process !

Will Jesus prediction that only few be saved include you, or will you be one of the many that will find themselves, ” cast into outer darkness ” when the dust hast settled for the last time ?

The truly wise will hear and CONSIDER !

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A farmer went to the market to buy a horse for ploughing but was persuaded to buy a mule instead.

Now mules are noted for their stubbiness, but he was told — “just give him a sugar lump and he’ll do anything you ask him” and so off the farmer went, only to find after MANY sugar lumps that mule just refused to pull the plough!

Going back to the market the farmer angrily demanded a refund. The seller returned with the farmer to investigate further. Quickly grasping the situation, to the farmers surprise, the seller of the mule picked up a stick and whacked the mule firmly between the eyes!

“I thought you said all he needed was a sugar lump” said the farmer, “yes, but you have to get his attention first” – was the reply!!

Psalm 32:8-9 –
I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go;I will guide you with My eye. Do not be like the horse or like the mule,Which have no understanding,Which must be harnessed with bit and bridle,Else they will not come near you. N.K.J.

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Jack Coe, once a well known evangelist, said ——- “When I was first saved (became a Christian) I was so ignorant I thought the epistles were the sons of the apostles!”

We may smile, but only recently, I was reminded of just how little we Christians know about essential truths!

What is an apostate for example??

Ans. — (one dictionary definition). “someone who has departed so far from the truth he or she once held so dear, that they become unable to return to it”. (bible ref. Hebrews 6 v4-6. 2 Peter chap. 2v20-22)

For a Christian, that is possibly the most difficult and contentious subject, and one that’s avoided by most commentators!

All I would say is — I love my Christ too much to ever think that would happen, but more importantly, HE loves me too much!!

However, we must also say – that the devil and demons,
– the wildness and stubbiness of the human heart,
– the ability to be deceived, ——– must NEVER be underestimated!!

SO – What is an apostate?

ANS.- NOT me! and I’m VERY,VERY, glad it isn’t!!!

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I recently heard Richard Dawkins being accused of idolatry, – why?

— because its said, he takes all the anger,wrath, the seemingly harsh judgements of the Bible and makes a ‘god’ out of it all!

He then proceeds to rail against the ‘god’ he has made, as though this were the real God the Bible presents.

Hold on a minute , — whilst Dawkins may well be making a ‘god’ of his choice, – are some Christian leaders doing the same thing? – in REVERSE!!

Taking all the ‘good stuff” – promises of health, wealth, eternal life to come etc. and leaving out
— the ‘bad stuff’, things like, – judgement to come, hell, God’s righteous wrath and anger against sin which must be punished etc. etc. ??

I thank God He’s kind beyond measure, merciful beyond belief and loves so much He was willing to suffer in an indescribable way to rescue the object of His love – i.e. mankind.

I thank God too, for His justice, His righteous anger against sin, His perfect judgements, including hell (originally made for the devil and his angels) plus all the things I’m only just beginning to understand —- and I love Him for them all!!

Is this weird! – or just normal Christianity !!

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Christian living without God!


A contradiction in terms? I don’t think so!

How many as Christians, are guilty of this?

When faced with a problem we plot, we plan, we scheme, — and if we remember, we pray (usually we don’t)

If it doesn’t go right, THEN we pray, sound at all familiar?
—- but then why should God help when we didn’t Include Him to begin with?

Now we really are in a mess!

What then should we do? – start again, THIS time, invite The Lord in on the ground floor, — in fact on EVERY floor and see what a difference this makes!

This time, you’ll be living your life WITH The Lord, instead of living it WITHOUT Him!!

——- And ” He will rejoice over you with singing ” Zephaniah chapter 3v17

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Misguided anger

As Christians we sometimes find ourselves pleading with God to do something about someone who has offended us and we are angry, inferring that we want God to get angry too!

In Exodus 32 v13 however Moses was pleading with God NOT to get angry and NOT do anything about it!

Can we have the grace to —- ask for grace, to, as Jesus put it –

” love our enemies, do good to those who hate you and pray for those who despitefully use you ”
Matthew ch.5 v 44

These are questions I have had to ask myself once again recently, and thank God to also receive the grace to do so yet again!!!